Bill S. Stuth, Jr., is the owner and operator at Stuth Company, Inc. with 35+ years professional experience installing, designing and troubleshooting septic fields with a passion for quality systems that work. He takes a client-centered approach to his septic business. Bill is a respected professional in the industry and enjoys the task of constructing environmentally sound septic systems. When working with designers or engineers for commercial or residential septic systems Bill is confident in matching the appropriate system to meet the customers' needs.

Stuth has established a large client base of both commercial and residential customers. An exciting career accomplishment developed in 2008, when Stuth Company installed the largest private on-site septic system on the west coast with a capacity of 100,000 gallons per day. Bill's clients include many commercial sites such as McDonald's, Safeway, Wal-Mart, Big O Tire, Washington National Golf Course, Trophy Lake Country Club, Bonneville Power Administration etc. as well as numerous individual residential sites. In 2012, Stuth Company installed an experimental septic system for the Washington State Department of Health to provide a studying opportunity for students of University of Washington to evaluate the function of recirculation filters. The septic industry is a fast-evolving trade and Bill continues his commitment to being an involved collaborator and affiliate in the business.

Throughout his career, Bill has enjoyed serving on State and National Committees gaining industry knowledge and partnerships along the way. As a result of his dedication to the industry, Bill participates on various state committees including Department Of Health Steering Committee, Board of Engineers On-Site Wastewater Advisory Committee, and Large On-Site Sewage System Rule Development Committee; Bill's customers trust him and his business for his expertise and experience. His committee work has helped to shape the use of performance based septic systems throughout the state.

On a personal note, Bill's favorite past times include racing vintage motocross and spending time with his wife, four children and three grandchildren.


Licensed Septic Installer in 23 Counties in Washington State
Washington State Licensed Septic Designer
Licensed Operation and Maintenance Provider
Licensed Pumper
Committee Memberships

DOH Steering Committee participant steering guidance and technical support group consultations committees

Board of Engineers On-Site Wastewater Advisory Committee
Washington State Dept. of Health
Olympia WA 98504-7825

Large On-Site Septic System Rule Development Committee
(LOSS Rule Development Committee)
Department of Health
Office of Environmental Health & Safety
Wastewater Management – LOSS Program
Spokane WA 99204

Consortium of Institutes for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System
Official Installation Practitioner Review Committee
Funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with Water Environment
Research Foundation in Alexandria, Virginia

Rule Development Committee for State Code
Washington State Dept. of Health
Olympia WA 98504-7825

President of Washington On-Site Sewage Association

The History of Stuth Company

Present day, Bill Stuth Jr. is the owner and operator of Stuth Company. He is a state licensed designer and licensed installer throughout many counties in Washington. He and his skilled crew have also installed systems in Oregon, California and Idaho. Bill Jr. has served as the Operations and Construction manager of Stuth Co., Inc for over 20 years. The company's primary focus is to provide high quality installations and premium service at a competitive price, which meet the needs of both the environment and the customers.

How it began: Stuth Company opened its doors as a family ran business by his father in Washington State in 1962 as Stuth Ditching. The primary operation was the installation and repair of residential septic. By 1964, Stuth Company was designing septic systems and providing pump out services for septic tanks. In September 1975, Stuth Ditching incorporated and the name was changed to Stuth Company, Inc.

In 1972, Stuth Company, Inc. bought commercial property in Renton WA and began manufacturing septic tanks and other concrete products. The company operated with two installing crews. In 1975, the owner's son Bill Stuth Jr. attained his installers' license and operated his own installing crew. His involvement with the company allowed the business operation further pursuit in research and development area within the industry. For example, Stuth Company spearheaded a project for King County and the State of Washington Department of Health to study the advantages of compartmenting septic tanks. This study became instrumental in the state changing from single compartment tanks to compartmented tanks.

In 1984, the business relocated to Maple Valley. Bill Stuth Jr. had become proficient at installing, designing, repairing and pumping. Both father and son shared an appreciation and strong interest in troubleshooting and analyzing failed systems as well as gaining an understanding of new technologies. Stuth Company participated in a research program to determine the reason for a very high rate of failures in commercial septic systems. Separately, a team formed to comment on and review the information. The study determined the two most probable reasons for failure were FOG (fat, oils and grease) and shock-loading.

In 1994, Stuth Co., Inc. sold its concrete manufacturing operation and pump out service. This allowed more time to be dedicated to the installation of complex commercial systems, residential systems, consulting opportunities, and troubleshooting of residential and commercial septic systems across the nation.

In 1998, William Stuth Jr. purchased Stuth Company. Under his ownership, the line of services has increased to include system monitoring, septic inspections, OSM maintainer services, pump outs.

In 2011, the company relocated to the northend of Maple Valley where it resides today.